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Changing the way homeless and marginalized youth see and are seen through film.



The Lost Boys of Portlandia

Outside the Frame presents a new documentary featuring the real lost children of Portland. In a riff on Peter Pan, homeless youth debate if and how to return to mainstream society while creating their own film version of the iconic story.

On its surface, it’s a film about the making of a film, but the backdrop is flooded with one of Portland’s most pressing social issues.” -KGW-TV

Teaser and news clips from the premiere screening below. Contact us for a screening of the 24 minute film. 



Outside In contracted our Executive Director, Nili Yosha, to produce films about navigating the healthcare system for and by their youth clients who have experienced homelessness. 


Bits of wisdom from project participants. 

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To empower homeless and marginalized youth to educate the public about issues they face by producing films with youth that convey their experience. 


Outside the Frame changes the way homeless and marginalized youth see and are seen through film. 




Project based film and media education

Recruitment of cohorts of youth for recurring workshops that teach filmmaking from pre-production to broadcast with mentorship of professional filmmakers.  


Production of original films depicting issues pertaining to and determined by homeless youth.


Employable skills

Provide technology training and job readiness experience that is competitive, relevant, creative and not typically available. 

an Audience

Increase sensitivity, reduce stigma and offer insight into the creative process and experiences of homeless youth while showcasing their complex humanity through screenings, presentations and workshops.  

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The films and presentations will align with local organizing efforts that confront and change the systemic barriers homeless youth face. 

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About Us


A creative outlet is essential for healing from trauma, for gaining essential skills for self sufficiency and getting on the path to self actualization. Portland has one of the highest concentrations of homeless youth in the country. It also has some of the best wrap around social services for homeless youth in the country. However, most agencies providing life saving services do not have the capacity for consistent creative programming or cutting edge technological training.

Outside the Frame was created to fill this void.

Our film workshops are a therapeutic intervention; they offer a safe and creative space for youth to reflect on,       make sense of and share their stories. Through this process, participants leave with a clearer sense of self as they interact with the world.

Outside the Frame is a gateway to employment and education; it provides hands on technological training and literacy, relevant job experience and a sense of structure and success. Graduates of the film workshops leave with all the basic technological skills to produce their own film. They demonstrate and value job readiness skills such as timeliness, accountability, communication, and consistency. Program graduates have gone on to compete their GED, enroll in college and actively pursue employment and independent living with positive coping skills. 


Support Outside the Frame


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Help young people experiencing homelessness tell their own stories and get them seen. 

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4322 SE 28th Pl., Portland, OR 97202                                                        

Give us a call at: (503) 662-8344.


 Outside the Frame is a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID # 47-4159875.  

Hire us!


Our professional film production team at is available to produce high quality, authentic and captivating videos for your business, organization or event. 


We are available to host film workshops for your group or organization. Participants will learn about filmmaking from                               pre-production to broadcast, and have an original creative films to share at the end of the workshop.  


Outside the Frame in the news:

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